Mid of August

hey .. it 5.15am u ols .. working midnite to cover a man power .. because one of my colleague can't get to work today ..

more updates .. on the 2nd of August .. the day before, went to clubbing until 3am .. lepak until morning, n straight to my friend's house before we went the bowling tournament by our office .. with the sleepy head, i played the game .. not a really good player though but managed to get some points to helped the group to win the tournament .. one of my team mate won the top male scorer .. ermm .. hehe .. we won!! another team mate said to me earlier, "i have the instinct that we will win this tournament .." hehe .. can always use his instinct la ..

applied for annual leave for 1st n 2nd of September .. planned to travel to sibu to see parents' house there .. they are working there, and they are provided with the government flat and i am the only one that haven't been to that house .. my sister told me, the room there is quite big .. can't wait to see the place .. i can buy a lot of dvd's because below of my parents' office is a shopping mall! i can follow them to work, and i can mingle around until they finish their work in the evening .. hehe .. i am not going back for hari raya, so at least i can spend the 1st 2 days of ramadhan with my parents .. hehe .. ramadhan is just 2 weeks ahead .. so freaky la ..

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