Puasa update again

yesterday went to Uptown Damansara for sahor with boboy, ein n yasin .. we went there around 2am .. n went back home around 4am .. there, i had fried kueh tiaw n warm nescafe .. ein had his favourite, belacan kangkung n "sotong goreng tepung" with teh tarik .. yasin n boboy only warm nescafe n warm milo .. reached yasin's home, yasin went to sleep as he need to wake up at 5am to catch the cab to work .. so i stayed up to cook fried rice for the rest for sahor ..

after sahur, n after the rest went to work .. i start to watch Gossip Girl season one .. start with the disc 1 .. i managed to finish 4 episodes straight .. huhu .. my Gossip Girl marathon ends at 9.00am .. as i hv to go back to my house to do my laundry .. after i turn on the washing machine, i went to the bed n sleep .. at around 11am, boboy called to ask my to send him to the office .. i did say that i'm at home .. maybe he still think i'm at yasin's home, so drove there .. after he called back, n i told him that i'm at home .. then only he drive to my house, n finally i sent him to the office ..

after i returned home from sending boboy to the office, i continued my sleep n sometimes woke up n watched tv .. around 2.30pm, boboy called n asked to picked him up at 3.30pm .. almost 4pm, i reached office, n picked him up .. went back home, take a shower n ready to go to Ikea to "buka puasa" .. we start to queue there at 6pm, n when almost our turn, it was totally full!! we stand there for almost half an hour, hoping anyone yg x puasa kat dlm tu, pandai2 la kuar .. bg la yg deserve n yg bpuasa tu .. entah la .. naper la mereka yg xpuasa tu thegeh2 jugak nak bbuka time tuh? bukan nye diorang xdpt nak makan masa lunch or tea break? why must nak kacau? aku tahan je masa tuh .. buat2 muka slumber .. lepas tuh kitorg blah .. luckily McD ada .. then kitorg buka la kat McD .. huh ..

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