Puasa Updates ..

huhu .. today is the 16th day of fasting .. more or less, another 14 days to go .. then hari raya .. ermm .. can't wait la .. just a simple update .. what i did last week .. muaahahaha .. hehe ..

wait .. have to recall what i did last week .. ermm .. mostly, i worked in the evening .. so not much activities .. except for saturday n sunday .. on saturday, i went to Rasa Sayang restaurant to attend a buka puasa with Dafi FC .. finally i meet Dafi .. such a good looking guy .. n friendly .. it just that i will need some time to blend with the crowd .. did talk with a few people around .. thanks ya, for talking to me .. i am such a quiet person .. took some photos with Dafi n a few crowd there .. but all r still in my friend's camera .. will post here after i get them from him ..

then, on sunday, we (me n a few friends ..) went to to a friend's house in flora damansara .. love the house small but simple n cozzy .. he cooked n i finished nasi 3 pinggan!! mampos diet aku .. huhu .. thanks afza for inviting us ..

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