Hello from Vietnam

Yup .. i'm in vietnam .. saigon in particular .. i'm in the internet centre in Sammy Hotel in Vung Tau .. a 2 hours ride from Saigon city .. this is my 2nd day here in vietnam .. my first oversea trip ..

i'm holidaying with faiz n his family .. there are 6 of them plus me .. reached saigon yesterday, in the afternoon .. quite impressed with the airport .. newly built i heard .. in saigon, we stay at Caesar Hotel .. reached there almost 5pm, n at 6pm we went for dinner n walk around shops nearby .. quite a place ..

today afternoon, we went to Cu Chi Tunnels .. a historical place.. crawled down the tunnel n hurt my leg .. dah tua dah kan .. anyway, got to go .. will update when i'm free ..

xoxo ..

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