Merry Xmas n A Happy New (2009) Year!!

yup .. xmas n new year r just around the corner .. xmas will b tomorrow to be exact .. will be working tomorrow .. i am planning to put on my santa claus hat tomorrow in the office .. haha .. the hat given by zaim some time in november .. haha .. just to bring the holiday spirit to the office ..

so far, there are no plans for xmas eve .. probably, just at home watching tv .. yesterday, i bought Pineapple Express .. James Franco is one of the actors in it .. can't wait to watch that movie .. maybe tomorrow .. as i will need to cover back my beauty sleep .. i only spent 3 hours sleeping .. b4 i have to go to work ..

friday, maybe i will go down to KL .. as usual .. friday night out .. to the club .. the last time i went to the club is last 2 weeks .. it was the 1st time i consider myself as drunk! i can say i was almost somebody else on the mini podium in the club .. huhu .. the rest is history! huhu ..

i will be working until midnite on the new year eve .. so, there will be no big plan .. for sure, just a simple wish to all the colleagues b4 i go back straight to home .. maybe DVD .. or any adhoc plans ..

a part from that, i will try to come up with a post of my trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam recently .. too busy to come up with the post .. just wait ya?


Merry Xmas n A Happy New Year!!

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