New addition to the family!

hehe .. cool title huh? it's not that my mother or my sister gave birth! my sister is to young to get married n give birth! huhu .. so early this morning, around 3am! Boboy n Ein came back home with a kitten! so, that is the additional member for our family! a 4 months old if I'm not mistaken .. a playmate for the existing cat, Orchin at home .. at least he has somebody to play with while me n Boboy r not at home .. Orchin was a bit scared n curios with this new comer .. hopefully, he can cope with her .. not sure what to name her .. we hv Muna in mind! haha .. a bit of a kampung name .. but, why not? a unique name for Orchin n a bit of a kampung name for her .. Any idea for a name for a 4 months old kitten? keep ur ideas in ..


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