20th day of the 10th month of 2009th year ..

erm .. today is already the 20th day of the month of october .. that's mean, another 2 months to go for the new year! i had a great time so far .. plus, another 37 days to my birthday! wuhuhu ..

people come n go .. people we think we understand them, but u r wrong .. because for our stupidity, we lost someone really great .. something we never think of, become one of your hobbies n interest!

i miss window shopping n shopping so so very much .. since ramadhan, my movement r very limited .. it is tiring to move around during ramadhan .. n dont do much shopping for the last raya .. hmmm .. not much? 2 baju melayu .. this n a little that .. hmmm .. not much ek? ok la .. because i dont spent so much .. maybe because most of my clothes r still new, so it is not necessary for me to buy so much .. now, i just thinking of buying another pair or two of working attires .. maybe working shoes n others .. as my birthday is just around the corner .. it is not wrong for me to pamper myself as i dont have anybody yet .. hmmm .. i can spend my money for myself .. hehehe .. where to go huh?

it has been some time i dont have the adventure, shopping alone in kl .. last time, i like to take a bus to kl, then i will jump from 1 shopping mall to another .. just for window shopping n to move around .. i think i should add in movies as one of the activities! yup .. count that in .. bird watching, for sure .. breakfast n lunch, these r for energy .. enough sleep, the day before .. i should start planning for november .. huhu ..

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