In a few weeks time ..

yup .. in a few weeks time .. i'll be 27 years old .. i just can't believe that i can n i will reach this age .. it's not that i'm dying of certain disease but, there are a lot more things i haven't achieve at this age, yet ..

at this age, i don't have any partner yet! yup .. that's me .. the shy guy, who spend a lot of time to cope with the environment n people hardly aware of my existence when we r lepaking together! so typical me .. i always try to get along with the group, but i can't! i'll be more to listening than talking .. there r some of my friends, said i did improved, but i never satisfied n i never say i improved .. there r still a long way to go ..

i still failed to managed my finance properly .. ever since i was a boy, i can't managed my finance .. i did tried a couple of years ago, to collect every single receipts i spent to see my expenses .. but, i stopped it half way .. this is the influence of a friend of mine .. he keep every single receipts he spent .. i think, it is hard to start something like this at my age maybe .. but it depends on that individual to change or not .. rite? i assume that is not me .. i can't stop myself from shopping! so, never bring me to the shopping .. but i think, i can control myself now from shopping when i am on my window shopping mode ..

usually people will see me as an innocence boy .. am i? haha .. i can't confirm that .. u judge me? only a few of friends really know me true colours .. haha .. i never say that i am nice, n i also never say that i am bad .. just nice maybe .. but i don't that is enough ..

sometimes, it is hard for me to decide on certain thing .. i don't know why? sometimes it is a matter of yer or no .. but i will drag it so long, just to get answer .. i assume that is my self confidence .. i can say, i still lack of confidence in almost everything .. not only on decision .. but a lot more .. but i am proud, i can decide on my wardrobe! from a fashion criminal, to a better fashionista! FASHIONISTA?? haha .. i will never label myself as a fashionista!

but, there are certain things, i can be proud of myself .. such as? haha .. u asked me? yup .. i can enjoy karaoke with my friends .. not just enjoying the session, but i will grab the microphone n sing my heart out! haha .. there r a few of songs, kind of my signature songs every time we go for karaoke .. n i can say, i improve it from every session .. not much, but i am improving my self .. i'm so proud of it!

now, what i want myself to practice everyday, is to at least call my mak once everyday .. there was once, mak call n said she didn't receive any calls from me for quite some times .. so like, anak derhaka la plak!

what else huh? no sure la .. will add later when i figured it out ..

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