22 March 6: MH New A330 Business Class Launch

With Juhaida, Firdaus (my guest) & Salma (Juhaida's guest)!
A couple of days ago, I attended a closed event organised by Malaysia Airlines Berhad (Where I am working at the moment), for a launching of the New A330 Business Class! How did I manage to attend this event? Our Culture and Engagement organised a crossword contest among the staff for the lucky 10! And, I was one of them! The last one in the list actually! Consider a very lucky one! Because I seldom win contests I joined.

The edited list
Anyway, the day of the launching, I was working on the midnight shift. Which mean, I finished work at 7am, I reached home at 7.30am. Managed to take a one hour nap, and off we go to Sepang at around 9.30am, since the registration start at 11am. I drove to Sepang with Juhaida, since we were the only lucky 2 from Subang to the event! Our guests waited for us over there! Hehe

Reached MAB South Support Zone (SSZ) at around 10.30am with a help of a can of latte to keep me awake! Haha. After registration, we were told to pick up our door gifts after the event. So, while waiting for it to start, we walked around taking photos!

The four of us!
So, event started at around 11.30am. Not really sure, whether sharp or a few minutes later. It was emceed by Debra Henry (Deborah Priya Henry), ex Miss World Malaysia 2007 and as well Miss Universe  Malaysia 2011. She is so pretty! Hehe.

Debra Henry is in the house!
Among the performances was some girls wearing black tights with some sort of laser or glow-in-the-dark things on their body. Next was these dancers with these baju kelawar attached with some tiny lights. After that, these performers hitting these big drums with Malay music and Chinese music. Then, combined with some Indian guys with these Indian drums attached to their waists! Agak2 paham la kot? Hahaha

Done with the dancing and drums hitting, came out Shafinaz singing opera! I don't understand anything came out from her mouth, but maybe some other guests understood what she is saying or singing. Towards the end, the backdrop automatically separated and the business class seat came out with the male model sitting on it. The same male model in the handouts and as well on the website. Click here to see the male model I am referring to http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/experience/business-class/new_level_of_comfort.html.

After the male model left the seat, the head of MH Chief Commercial Officer gave a few words. Then, guests are invited to experience the seat on the flight parked outside, next to the air conditioned tent. The emcee invited the media first! Of course for the promotion purpose.

The four of us decided to queue for the food first! The food are lovely since they are prepared by Brahims, the main caterer for Malaysia Airlines flights! We had some chicken & mutton satays, kambing golek and desserts! After that, than only we went in to the flight to try the seats!

The new business class seats
The audio video on demand equipped with 16 inches screen
The leg room
The stowage, seat adjustment, light and remote control
The economy class seats   
Once we finish experiencing the new business class seats, we went out the tent, and collect our door gifts! The door gifts were the miniature model of MH A380! Scaled 1:1200! Then we continue our photo taking in front of the backdrops provided. Suddenly rain pouring heavily and we waited some time to get on the shuttle provided to get to the car parked at the admin building situated nearby the hangar!

It was a fun experience to attend such a memorable and important event! Hope to get more chances to attend such events in the future!

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