15 Mar 2016: Belated MH oWL Helpdesk Lunch! #MHoWLturns3


We had a simple belated MH oWL Helpdesk anniversary lunch among us, the current and the previous (ex) team members! There are 10 of us! The theme was Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, which represents the Top Tier Level for oneworld alliance!

We chose the Tony Roma's in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara as our venue, because it nearby our office and also the Lunch Promo they offer! From MYR17.91, you can have a lunch with a bowl of soup (of the day) and also a bottomless soft drinks!

For the very last minute, I have baked 25 chocolate cupcakes for the Feb & Mar birthday boys & girl! Supposedly, belated birthday for Mohd Khusairi which was in Feb. Also an advance birthday for Salma & Wan Mohd Fadzlie (Could not join us due to other matter in his hometown). Apart from that, our ex-teammate, last minute made himself available to attend the event, Izzat. A belated one for him too!

I also baked the pizza brownies for the anniversary, which topped with koko crunch, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, shaved chocolate, M&MS and also chopped Kit Kat! Originally, one of the topping was almond flakes! But I burnt them so I replace with the shaved chocolate! Gosh! Luckily, everyone loved it.

The idea came a few days before when looking at the Instagram for ideas! Hehe. Luckily the brownies turn our to be great, and pretty!


After we had the lunch, then only the surprise cupcakes came out from the chiller. We had the birthday boys and girl and as well our head, Ms Cath Foo to represent the MH oWL Helpdesk, standing behind the cupcakes and brownies!And we sang "Happy Birthday"!  Everyone enjoyed their cupcakes and brownies. I can say our table was the loudest among all that day! With the singing and laughing while we enjoying our food!

Funny this was, at first, everyone selected among the cheapest lunch there is. Because it is the "tengah bulan" period! Haha. Our head, Ms Cath keep on asking, how are we going to pay? Are we going to pay individually? Or someone is going to pay 1st, then the rest will pay him/her back? So, we decided someone will pay first. So, Ms Cath paid for all by using her card. Surprisingly, she said the lunch was on her!

Normally, we will just celebrate at the office. But, this time around, Ms Cath suggested to celebrate elsewhere! Not in the office! So, she sent an e-mail to our manager to get the approval to get a time off for this event. She asked for a time off from 12.00pm to 2.00pm. Surprisingly, our manager have granted the time off from 12.00pm to 3.00pm, for us to enjoy our mini gathering! Thank you, sir!

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