eng of the 8th month .. 4 months to go ..

yup .. today is 30th august .. a day before merdeka .. a day before the end of the 8th month of 2008 ..

leaving kl to kch this morning .. n this will be my 1st time traveling stand by as a staff .. seriously, so nervous before never done this before .. going on normal day .. n return on the fasting day .. so challenging return journey i can say .. not sure, what am i going to do in kuching .. maybe just go to check out new shopping malls there .. the spring n boulevard shopping mall .. can't do to much shopping because have to save some money for raya .. promised mak to buy her new raya cloth .. but maybe a bit later .. hopefully she will understand .. n i am sure she will ..

while i am in kuching, one of my close friends in the office will be leaving the office .. to further his study .. that's good .. as he is only 22 years of age .. there is still a long way to go .. all the best sach .. u r a good friend .. stay in touch dude ..

just want to wish Happy Birthday to my friends n family .. here they r ..
01 September - Taha Jimal (coursemate in college)
11 September - Suria (knew her from AF Fan Clubs)
14 September - Regina Tiong (my cousin)
14 September - Al Zalfeez
18 September - Roslin Latip (kak mawar .. miss u so so much)
18 September - Jong Chee Jung (classmate in primary school)
26 September - Chin Lee Suen (classmate in primary school)
29 September - Amy John (coursemate in college)

7 September will be the Grandfathers' Day .. hehe ..

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