Merdeka .. Ramadhan ..

hey .. today is 29 august .. that's mean another 2 days to go for Merdeka .. the 51st year .. wow .. up and downs .. good n n bad .. positive n negative really making us .. i mean us as malaysians mature n strong ..

talking about mature n strong .. i don't think i have that criteria yet .. though, i'll be 26 years old by the end of this year .. still, i sometimes don't n can't do any correct decision yet .. as in the office .. on the 27th august .. because of misconduct or wrongly advice or without knowing the right procedure .. making the 1 simple rules become a tough one .. seriously, i never though of that .. the rest of the story, let i keep it to myself .. whether right or wrong, it already happened .. today, supposedly going back home at 7.30am .. have to wait for the officer to advice me what i have to do .. maybe, later have to face the manager .. it is something that really i don't want to do .. as i am really a shy person .. don't feel comfortable or confidence to talk with people .. have to do it like it or not .. this is the price i have to pay .. hey .. where are those people?

tomorrow, i'll be leaving to kuching until 2 sep .. that's mean, i will celebrate Merdeka n 1st 2 days of Ramachan in kuching .. with family .. hehe .. at least spend my 1st 2 days of ramadhan with them .. as maybe during Hari Raya, i will be celebrating Hari Raya in the office with mates .. this will be the 1st year, celebrating hari raya without the present of my family .. have to face it .. have to go back home early to pack my stuff .. but still waiting for them .. can't see their present yet .. if only i know what i have to do, i don't have to wait for them .. if only i don't make the decision .. if only that thing happen ..

hey .. finally the officer in charge is here .. have to go n see her .. anything will update later, either in the evening or when i'm in kuching ..

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