Exhausted ..

so exhausted .. as i worked for morning to evening straight last week .. working my own shift n overtime to the evening .. luckily, i only work in the afternoon for Saturday n Sunday ..

yesterday, which is Sunday .. had brunch with Nana n Ein at Ikea .. i had meatballs .. 10 pieces of them, with fries .. love them n enjoy them so much .. thanks Nana for the treat .. hope u will come down to KL again n 'belanja' me some more of those meatballs ..

for this week, starting from tomorrow to friday, i'll be working midnite shift .. 4 days straight .. that's mean working from 10pm to 7.30am the next day morning .. then off for 2 days .. no plans yet so far .. maybe just stay at home .. spend time cleaning up my room ..

pay day will be next week .. can't wait for that day .. stopped shopping last month, n thinking of shopping for something for this month .. but then, have other plans for next month .. maybe have to hold the shopping activity for another month .. aiyoo .. seriously, this month, i have to pamper myself with shopping .. as it is a very important month of the year for me .. just have to wait n see .. just keep the fingers crossed .. hopefully, everything goes well ..

one more thing still playing n messing my head around will be getting another 2 guarantors for me to do a loan at our 'koperasi' .. erm ..

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