nothing to do ..

hello readers .. but, the question is, do i have any? huhu .. hey .. i'm still at the office .. the last midnite .. that's mean, today n tomorrow will be my off days .. haha .. i do have something in mind .. just have to make sure, am i able to run the plans? okie .. let's refresh what i did few days back ..

on wednesday, babysit dedel .. boboy's nephew .. i just had a few hours sleep b4 his sister came n leave dedel with me .. such a naughty boy .. just like his uncle .. running here n there .. gosh .. i can't even go back to sleep .. finally i managed to clean my room, while he watched the dvd .. did some laundry .. fed him b4 boboy come back from work, n then, i go to work ..

just now, chat with troy .. after a while since we chat .. he tried his office's Macbook at the mamak restaurant! he asked me to check the website he made for his office .. i do love his work .. basically, the website is black n white .. simple .. classy n easy to navigate .. i missed my time spent to do websites .. just like when i teamed up with troy n taha to create the website for our college .. so honoured coz among hundreds multimedia students, we are the selected 3 students to do the website .. we took almost a month if i'm not mistaken to finished it .. ok, go back to troy .. he told me he did come to this blog n read it .. huhu .. thanks for the support .. u should leave a comment or a message at my shoutout .. but he didn't! he said i am a good writer .. n i know to play with words!! gosh .. u r pulling my legs la troy .. i never a good writer .. n i never a good word player .. huhu .. i just write blogs to show off! haha .. the easiest way for me to apply my knowledge on html n stuff .. huhu ..

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