My wishlist

yesterday, bumped to these websites .. i just love their products .. n wish i can get at least 1 of these stuff listed below .. just an extra remarks .. not really in a helping mode .. really not in a good mood .. i just don't know why, when the working skills that i hate, was removed the other supervisor yesterday, added in by the other supervisor this morning? why? don't they have other staff? much better staff that have promoted? i am just a usual typical staff .. give it to ur new officers la! why me? seriously? (anyone from the office, pls just keep it here only?) pls la .. that's really make me lose my mood! ok .. let's get back to the good part of the posting ..

Firefox Laptop Backpack @

Ubuntu Customised Ogio Messenger Bag

i will try to get either 1 or these for my lappy, sabrina .. hiks ..

Else, i want these for myself ..

Firefox Hoodie Sweatshirt

Ubuntu Chocolate Hoody

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