the first n the last ..

yup .. it was the first time, n at the same time, it was the last time i watch Yasmin Ahmad's masterpiece in the cinema .. i won myself 2 passes to the screening last nite (16 dec) at Cathay Cineleisure .. sanggup nih, naik bas dr ofis g pasar seni, then ambik satu lg bas dr pasar seni ke ikano .. semata2 nak g nengok screening citer nih ..

citer mula2 biler terima msj thru facebook, saying that MUALLAF masuk Malaysia .. so i joined, n won myself 2 of the passes ..
i do enjoy Yasmin's works .. i've seen Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin n recently, Muallaf .. but, i've missed the first one, which was a telemovie in tv3 n Talentime .. but all thru television .. n i'm happy because i stand the chance to watch Muallaf in the cinema .. one good movie .. never fail me .. love the way she express herself n the way she show 1Malaysia in her own words .. certainly it is a very big lost in Malaysia's movie industry! the list for the premiere screening

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