I love to travel!

it is true that I love to travel! that is one of the reason why i am still with the current company i am working now! thanks to my best friend that so call who brought me to this company.

it's all started on 15 Nov 2007! The day for me to report duty as one of the staff! The job and company give me the opportunity to travel with the staff discounts and also airline staff discounts! My 1st foc ticket was to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh city. Tax was only myr123 at that time in 2008! With my other best friend with his family members. Miss his parents actually! The 1st ever family, not my own family I ever travel together! Had fun with them,

The second foc was for last year trip to Europe! Went to Geneva, Nice, Cannes and so on. With 2 of the most coolest sisters in the office, Kak Zila and Kak Jah! And of course my best friend, Boboy! The was so cold, but no snow! We went up to Zermatt to get the feel of the snow! Quite a fun trip!

This year? Have plan to go a lot of places! I don't know where to go! Jakarta again? Or Bangkok? Maybe Beijing? Might be just local destinations? Just have to wait and see!

This coming 15 Nov is my 4th anniversary with the mentioned company! It is Malaysia Airlines! I am so glad as I an a part of MAS and have been working fo. 4 years! Just can't wait for the 5th year! For sure, there will more years to come with MAS, with the god will! Insyaallah!

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