November Updates ..

20 November 2007: Finally training started. Need to memorized a lot of terms. In the afternoon. Started with the system. Hopefully all the terms n keyword for the system still glued to my almost-going-old brain!

19 November 2007: Haven't started the should-be-started training. Some more forms have to be filled for different departments. More passport sized photos will be needed, also for different departments.

16 November 2007: Haven't started the today should-be-started training. So bored when we don't have anything to be done! We were released 2 hours earlier! Went straight home!

15 November 2007: Report duty at Kelana Jaya. It started around an hour late. 30 minutes later, a Fire Drill program for fire awareness at the academy took almost 1 hour.

14 November 2007: Went to Lembaga Hasil at Maharajalela for agreement stamping. Then went for a quick walk n window shopping in KL.

11 November 2007: From my uncle's place, I went to my friend's house n it became my place! Around 20 minutes from workplace n my friend's office is just next door!

10 November 2007: I arrived at LCCT KLIA. Spent a night at my uncle's place to settle my agreement with the new workplace.

9 November 2007: Finally done with my packing after started it a week before!

1 November 2007: Started the packing to move to KL. Shah Alam to be exact. So-don't-know-what-to-do situation really making me crazy!! Just 1 bag with tones of clothes n stuff!

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